Easily accessible online, the subscription to our Assurski card is a must for all Skiers, Snowboarders and for every Winter Sport lover.
The Guarantees cover all the range of leisure Winter Sports, extreme disciplines (Freeride) and even competition events, all in one insurance product.
AssurSki offers 24/7 “Assistance and Repatriation” guarantees all over the world.

Advantages :

The annual insurance card covers winter sports, snow insurance (alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, freeride skiing, backcountry skiing ...) and summer sports (mountain biking, DH, hiking, trekking, canyoning) Aerial sports Insurance (*), motorsport insurance (*) and extreme sports.
  • carte assurance ski famille
  • carte assurance ski jour
  • carte assurance ski
  • carte assurance ski année


  • Assistance and Repatriation
    10 000 €

In case of an accident, this guaranty offers you a full Medical and legal Assistance platform 100% dedicated. These platforms work 24/7, offering the payment of French and European providers and if needed, organizing your repatriation home.

  • Search and Rescue (including Helicopter costs)
    50 000 €

In case of an accident, this guaranty covers the full amount of Search and Rescue (Including helicopter costs), Snow stretcher or any other mean to bring you back home, safely, without any cost limit in France.

  • Sports equipment insurance
    180 € (8 days of location)

This guaranty will cover the location up to 150€ if your own or rental Sport equipment is broken.

  • • Sport Civil Liability
    150 000 € (personal) / 45 000 € (material)

In case of an accident involving a third party, this guaranty covers the prejudice caused to the third party that you could be in charge of covering, in case of a sport accident or a property claim caused in your rental housing.

  • Medical Expenses
    1 500 €

In case of an accident, you will be reimbursed (after completion of payment from NHS and your Health insurance) in case you paid for medical expenses such as doctors’ visits or hospital bills in advance.
  • Ski pass and Ski lessons refund
    200 € (pass) / 400 € (lessons)

In case of an accident, this guaranty reimburses all costs related to unused ski pass and paid ski lessons, including other outdoor activities.

  • Trip or Activity Curtailment
    1 500 €

In case of an accident, this guaranty reimburses all costs of your trip curtailment related to housing.

  • Individual accident
    10 000 €

In case of an accident, this guaranty offers a capital up to 10 000€.

  • Death insurance
    10 000 €

In case of a fatal accident, this guaranty offers a capital of 10 000€ to your family and relatives to help them face the first costs.

Please note :

Practice of Extreme Sports activities and Sport competitions, Off-Piste Skiing, Snowpark, Free Ride, Heli-skiing, Backcountry Skiing, Assurski covers all these practices without the need of having an instructor (Ski Instructor or Mountaineering guide ) on the resort’s piste and off-piste.



  • Online Insurance Certificate
  • 15 days Refund guaranteed

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